Tuesday, July 19, 2016

CPP's season continues "behind the scenes" with rehearsals and auditions for next two shows!

Thanks to Ty Steven Cedars, Warren Douglas, Jesse Gallegos, Ashley Treib, and Jim Weinzettle for coming out to the first audition for Moonlight and Magnolias last Saturday! Great reads! Next auditions for this show will be Aug. 20 and 22. Stay tuned for reminder posts.

Meanwhile, our current show, Seeing Stars in Dixie, directed by Jim Leggett, is in rehearsals. Everyone is working hard to bring you another fine production next month, August 18 - 28.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Seeing Stars in Dixie cast and crew announced!

And we are happy to welcome several new faces!

Becky Hooter as Clemmie; Ashley Treib as Tootie; Jeremy Parker as Glease; Stephanie Waterman as Jo Beth; and Alecia Lewis as Marjorie.

Stage Manager - Halli Watson
Lights - Tori Revoir