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Monday, January 01, 2007

Winners of Munchkin House Raffle-special story

John & Diane Cain
Winners of the City Park Players
Munchkin House Raffle
December 18, 2006 the name was picked for the special one time only, raffle for the playhouse that was used on stage for the musical "The Wizard of Oz". It was in the Munchkinland scene.
The winner of the drawing was Mr. & Mrs. John Cain of Boyce, Louisiana. Followng is the story as sent out by email the day the received the playhouse.
"Although we did not make our goal for the Munchkin House Raffle, I have to say that the family who won is the most precious and deserving of anyone in Central Louisiana.

John & Diane Cain of Boyce, LA came to pick up the playhouse today. (I took a picture of them). They bought a ticket this past Friday night during the Family Playhouse show, "It's a Wonderful Life".
The following day, Saturday, their 10 year old grandson died of a rare virus called, MRSA.
Although they have 6 other grandchildren, the playhouse is to be a Christmas present for two little girls in their neighborhood whose father is in jail for 3-5 years. These children would not have a Christmas at all if not for the Cain's.

I think we can be proud that the spirit of Christmas is more than money, more than giving and receiving. It is love and compassion."

Later the same day, my husband saw the playhouse in the back of a truck. It pulled up to the Target Store the same time we did.

As the Cain's approached the front of the store where we were standing, I spoke with them again. Their smiles beamed cheerfully.

John Cain needed to find a place to wash his hands, because he had just finished changing a stranded woman's tire.

I called him "A Good Samaritan".

He said, "Well, she just looked so pitiful, I had to help her."

This is a story worth telling and retelling. This family living in the midst of tragedy gave of themselves to those in need. I was blessed to be a part of their lives, even for just a moment.

Terri Febuary

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