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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Season Subscriptions for 2009

When we planned our 60th Anniversary Celebration last year, we had no idea it would also mark the end of such an historic era—the last season in our landmark Little Theatre in Bringhurst Park. The loss of the Bringhurst to fire is profound for us, but it is not a mortal wound. We are back in 2009, ready to raise the curtain on a brand new season.

If you look for it, hope can be found glinting among the ashes of most any tragedy. For City Park Players, the first glimmer of hope after the fire came in the form of the dozens of friends and supporters who helped us sift through the debris of our former home to salvage what we could and mourn what we could not. The glimmer grew brighter as friends across the arts and larger communities donated storage facilities, office space, equipment, supplies, emergency funds, moral support, and other means, both tangible and intangible. But nothing brightened our hope more than the applause of the patrons who purchased tickets and filled the Kress Theatre for the final performances of a most unforgettable season. What a way to bring down the curtain on 60 years!

We begin our 61st season energized by a stronger-than-ever connection to our community and unwavering commitment to bring you the quality theatre you deserve.

City Park Players season subscribers enjoy one of the best entertainment values in all of Central Louisiana—discounted admission to a full season of outstanding shows, a subscription to the Rave Review newsletter, audition notifications, exclusive opportunity to cast a ballot for our Viewers Choice nominees, and a discounted ticket to the annual awards ceremony.

Season Subscribers
General Admission $40
Seniors (age 65 and up) $36
Students (with valid ID) $20

CPP Friends & More
Ticket prices cover only a fraction of production costs. CPP Friends contribute $50 or more above their subscription toward CPP’s production budget. We acknowledge our Friends in each of the season’s ONSTAGE programs.

Season Contributors
As a thanks for their added financial support, Contributors receive all subscriber benefits, plus additional season tickets (see below), acknowledgment in each ONSTAGE program, and one free admission to the season’s Viewers Choice Awards ceremony.

Donor (2 season tickets) $200
Patron (4 season tickets) $400
Sponsor (6 season tickets) $600
Benefactor (8 season tickets) $800
Underwriter (10 season tickets) $1,000

Driving Miss Daisy by Alfred Uhry April 3-11
Set in the Deep South in 1948, Driving Miss Daisy is the endearing story of an ornery, fiercely independent, rich widow, and Hoke, her dignified, elderly chauffeur. Their 25- year relationship is marked by a series of absorbing, revealing scenes, in which the good-natured Hoke steadily breaks down Daisy’s stern defenses and she, in turn, teaches him how to read. Filled with warm humor and glinting insights as the two grow older and more dependent on each other, Driving Miss Daisy is a timeless study in the power of human respect and understanding.
Winner of the 1988 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.
*General Audiences

Social Security by Andrew Bergman June 4-14
Q. How do you make a baby-boomer sandwich? A. Place two 40-something-year-old couples between an intractable aging mother-in-law and a rebellious teenager. Top with sibling rivalry and garnish with a frisky, aging artist. Heat to sizzling. That’s the recipe for Andrew Bergman’s hysterical Broadway hit, Social Security. Successful New York art dealers, Barbara and David Kahn’s sophisticated lifestyle is threatened when Barbara’s suburb-dwelling sister, Trudy Heyman, and her accountant husband, Martin, make a startling announcement: They are traveling upstate to rescue their college-age daughter from the horrors of “living only for sex.” The kicker? They are leaving the sisters’ outrageously demanding mother with the Kahns—indefinitely! A hilarious commentary on family relations and caring gracefully for aging parents.
*Some Adult Content

Flyin’ West by Pearl Cleage August 6-16
Set in 1898, Flyin’ West is a gripping drama with a surprising twist. A pioneering family of sisters takes advantage of the Homestead Act of 1860 and settles in the all-black town of Nicodemus, Kansas. Fleeing the oppressive post-Reconstruction South, they are determined to overcome the tremendous obstacles facing them—including a greedy brother-in-law—to work their own land and make a place for themselves in the harsh and forbidding midwest dustbowl. Theirs is a much-neglected story of courage and fortitude and the many African-Americans who helped settle the American Midwest.
*Some mature themes

Black Jack: A Thief of Possession
by Rosary Hartel O’Neill October 8-18
Kaitlyn Dubonnet Ellis lives a charmed life: timelessly beautiful, married to a brilliant novelist, mother of an international rock star, and daughter of Irene Soniat Dubonnet, a wealthy New Orleans Garden District matriarch. Kaitlyn even channels the French poet Baudelaire! When the family gathers on a cruise paddleboat for a New Year’s holiday, their eccentricities collide and fireworks explode, revealing cracks in the family’s façade and the gaping wound in Kaitlyn’s
fragile pysche. Written by Rosary Hartel O’Neill, founding director of New Orleans’ Southern Repertory Theatre, Black Jack is a comedy filled with unforgettable characters, nuanced humor, and delightful southern repartee.
*General Audiences

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