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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Bedtime Stories" Backstory!

AAAANNNNND – a little more backstory to pique your imagination for our upcoming show "Bedtime Stories" (remember - auditions Dec. 28 & 29, 6:00 PM, Kress Theatre lobby)!
The single set – a bedroom, the location of which changes with the scene from a hotel to a home – is in a small town in Canada, in the recent past.
There are 15 characters (that’s what we mean by “2w/3m – tripling roles”), which could be a cast with as few as 5 actors tripling roles or as many as 15 actors playing them as single roles.
These characters, related in various ways, tell stories of love, loss, redemption, growing up, staying together, in a series of related vignettes. Characters range from a shock-jock DJ and his estranged wife, a middle-aged married couple, their teen-age daughter, a former hockey player, two almost high school sweethearts, an aging shock rocker, a couple of blue-collar guys, the owner of a strip club, and an exotic dancer who really isn’t very good.
Mild adult language and themes.
"Takes the audience on an exploration of love which leaves them involved, surprised, a little touched, and judging by the howling reactions of the opening night crowd, quite helpless with laughter. A tour de force." -- Morrisburg Leader

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