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Monday, October 03, 2011

5 More Answers about Blithe Spirit

Casey Scarbrock graduated from Northwestern State University with a bachelor’s degree in theatre. His most recent role with CPP was in 2009 as writer and husband, Beau Ellis, in Black Jack: The Thief of Possession.  Previous CPP productions include South Pacific, Damn Yankees, Li’l Abner, and Big River. Casey currently resides in Pineville with his wife, Kami, and their two daughters.

1. Who do you play in Blithe Spirit?   
                Charles Condomine

2. Describe your character in 3 words  
               Extreme caricature of me

3. Favorite Scene 
               Any of the one's with Madame Arcati. 
    Favorite Line  
                Dr. Bradman: "Good Heavens!!! What are you doing in the bathroom"

4. Through your character's eyes - what is Blithe Spirit about?  
                One man's search for his next cocktail in the face of spiritual torment.

5. What do you hope audiences will take away from the play? 
               I hope the audience will find the show to be as hilarious as the cast does. 

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