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Monday, June 25, 2012

5 questions for the cast of Forever Plaid

Aaron McConnell is a graduate of Pineville High School and is currently a junior at Louisiana Scholars’ College of Northwestern State University. He is pursuing his bachelor of arts degree with plans to attend Physical Therapy school to attain his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He has been singing and acting in his church and also in community theater since he was a child. While at Pineville High School, he was involved in the Magnet Arts Program for four years. Some roles he has been cast as during the past few years include Arvide in Guys and Dolls, Mr. Brooks in Little Women, Roger in Grease, King Max in Cinderella and Enoch Snow in Carousel. He loves being involved in the arts and music will always be one of his passions. 

1. Who do you play?

                           Smudge - the bass of the quartet.

2. Describe your character in 3 words.

                           Reluctant, Dyslexic and Sexy.

3.  Favorite Scene   

                          The FIRST scene when we first come back to life after being dead - we are all freaking out because we can't believe that we have "voices, bodies and dinner jackets" again! 

& Favorite Line

                          "It was a good dream."    This line comes at the end of a monologue I deliver and I believe it sums up the show in five words. 

4.  Through your character's eyes what is Forever Plaid about?

                         Getting another chance at life to perform music that was a huge part of my life and my past. The show is also fulfilling a dream from my childhood: recording an album with the three other members of Forever Plaid.

5. What do you hope audiences take away from the show?

                         The experience of traveling back in time and reliving the days they had when this music was popular.

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