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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CPP Monologue Challenge

Guidelines for 2011 Monologue Challenge

1.       Material must be drawn from original material, or published plays written for the theatre. Poetry, fiction, screenplays, and lyrics will not be allowed.  Note: Beware of monologue books that draw from materials other than plays.

2.       Material must be suitable for a family audience.  If language and/or subject matter are offensive, you will be asked to cease your monologue.

3.       All selections must be memorized. 

4.    3 copies of the script shall be required as part of the final onsite registration. 

5.       Monologues must be a minimum of two (2) minutes and no longer than four (4) minutes in length.
Performers are asked to include a short introduction and conclusion to their piece. (These are not included in the two to four-minute time-frame allotted.) Time will not begin until the participant speaks the first word of the monologue or begins an action in character. Introductions consist of the participant’s name and the name of the play and the author from which the monologue is taken. Participants should conclude with a short “thank you” and a bow.   Total time on stage shall not exceed 5 minutes.

5.       The only furnishings allowed on stage:  A table, a stool, and two chairs.

6.       No theatrical make-up, no costumes; hand props may be used - limit 3 pieces. 

7.       Only basic lighting will be provided for the performance.

Scoring will be based on the following - 20 points each:

Voice:  material, inflection, voice (projection and diction), characterization, stage presence, appropriateness for the character.

Physical Elements:  facial expression, gestures, movement, use of performance space.

Interpretation:  understanding and communication of meaning and emotion appropriate to the selection.

Integration of Elements:  focus, creation of atmosphere, unity, transitions, ease of transformation into the character.

Audience Interaction:  awareness, and appreciation, maintenance of interest and believability.

(This is a preliminary listing of the guidelines for the CPP Monologue Challenge and may be subject to change prior to the actual event.  If you have questions or comments - Please send an email to cityparkplayers@gmail.com )

Entry fee: $20  per performance          Audience Tickets: $5

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